Use of Flavor2 RT Locked library

Hello, I was looking at a post on the forum regarding "Flavors Retention Time Locked Database" from a few years ago. The referenced support document "Analysis of Essential Oil Compounds Using Retention Time Locked Methods and Retention Time Databases" (May 1, 2002 5988-6530EN) explains that a combined RT and MS library screener database is available.

The document is obviously older and possibly outdated at this point, however I was hoping to use the information contained in the provided library, and screener database as verification as I build a personal database that includes retention time and retention indices. I already have my own calibration file for the retention times for use with Masshunter. I wanted to reference the data in this Flavor2.L library regarding the order of elution of different compounds to assist me with identification of closely eluting compounds and/or false identifications.


The problem is that when I open the Flavor2.L file in library editor, the retention time and retention index values are inaccurate. For example:

NameCASRetention IndexRetention TimeUser Index
Propyl Propionate106-36-5-1786237695.00002.1864175.26
Propyl Isovalerate557-00-6-856127743.00002.1862329.4

Although I find very similar mass spectra associated, the RI data on purchased databases (NIST11, Flavors and Fragrances of Natural and Synthetic Compounds 3, Wiley 10N14 suggest I should expect 

NameCASRI Flavor&FragranceRI Wiley
Propyl Propionate106-36-5807785
Propyl Isovalerate557-00-6946920


The questions I am posing are that since the library file proves to be unusable, how do I view the data contained within the screener database (.scd) so I can determine if it is at all usable? Are .scd files compatible with Masshunter 10.0.x Qual or Quant?

Also, how do I open/view the file?


The files included with the library exe file are:



Flavor App Note.pdf (5988-6530EN)



Thanks in advance for any assistance!


Flavors Retention Time Locked Database
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