Anyone using the Enhanced Matrix Removal – Lipid kits

I am looking to try using the Enhanced Matrix Removal – Lipid kits to prepare Vegetable and Fish Oil samples for PAH testing via GC.  Looking for anyone who has used these for advice.

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  • Hi Avrom,

    Thank you for posting in the Agilent community.  I would be more than happy to discuss with you how EMR could fit into your currently workflow.  I just have a few questions to better understand your analysis.


    Have you tried any sample preparation techniques already?  If so, which ones and how did they turn out?

    How large are your sample volumes?  Are you performing some sort of organic extraction to extract the PAHs?

    Thank you and talk to you soon.



  • Alexander,  we have never tried testing for PAH’s before in our lab it will be a new application for us.  Initially I will be looking at analysis of Coconut Oils before and after bleaching to determine the effectiveness of different bleaching clays on PAH removal.  If this works out we may look to expand the research to additional oils including Fish oils.


    I have not tried any methods yet but this product looks like it would simplify the required sample prep.  I intend to run the analysis on our 7890A / 5975 in SIM mode.


    As to sample size,  the larger that we can run the better for sensitivity.  I intended to start with 5 gm samples but am not sure what the capability of the kits are for oils.

    Depending on detection limit we may need to do some preliminary oil removal is our sample size needs are too large.

  • Hi Avrom,

    While we do not have any dedicated application notes yet for oils, this would be a good starting protocol to try:

    Extraction step:

    2 grams of oil to 10 mL of acetone


    Clean-up step:

    Add only 1 mL of water to activate the EMR-Lipid material (pn# 5982-1010) (vortex immediately/aggressively)

    Then add 5 mL of extract from the extraction step to the EMR tube (vortex/centrifuge)


    "Polish Step" (to remove water and any dissolved solids)

    Decant from the EMR-Lipid tube to the "Polish Tube" (5982-0101) (vortex immediately and centrifuge)


    Because you are performing GC analysis, we recommend performing an extra dry step to remove any residual water.


    This involves using 300 mg of MgSO4 per 1 mL of extract.  We offer pouches of 3.5 g of anhydrous MgSO4 (5982-0102).

    Transfer desired amount of extract to an empty centrifuge tube with the appropriate amount of MgSO4.  Vortex immediately and centrifuge.


    At this point, you can transfer to an autosampler vial or perform any dry-down/reconstitution steps.


    Because your sample is an oil, 2 grams of oil would be a good starting point.  Anything above that may over saturate the EMR-Lipid material.


    I will be reaching out to you directly to discuss more about the product offering.


    Thank you


  • Alex,   I found that 2 gm of oil is too much for the prep method.  It is working well with 1 gm of oil. 



  • Great, thank you for the update, Avrom.  Also, it looks like I didn't post the product number for reference here for other readers.  Its 5982-1010.  Looking forward to hearing your future developments.



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