Anyone know why my calcium data for standards 1 to 5 on Agilent ICP-OES 700 series are ridiculously high, but other seven anions are within acceptable range? Struggling to get instrument to calibrate and it will not. Possible software issue?

Standard 1 to 5 for calcium data way too high on ICP-OES

  • Hello ,

    Thanks for bringing this application issue to the community!

    I understood that you are getting too much signal for standard 1 to 5, is it right?

    Here are some questions I would like you to respond so we can work this issue together:

    1) What are the concentrations of Stds 1 - 5?

    2) Which wavelength for Ca are you using?

    3) Which model is your 700 Series? Axial or Radial?

    4) What are the other elements and concentrations you are working along Ca?

    5) What are the calibration criteria used (such as type of regression, maximum error, weighted fit, etc)?

    6) What are the conditions used?

    I suppose if you are getting too much signal for Ca in a specific wavelength, you might not be running in a linear range. We can correct this with different approaches.

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