Does anyone have experience using a column DB-CLP-1 for GC-ECD?

I have been working for analysis of trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetonitriles (HANs) utilizing an old HP-5. However, currently I am trying to develop a method for haloacetamides (HAMs) and this column (HP-5) does not give me enough sensitivity. I roughly can reach 10 ppb on my standards and I cannot be able to go lower. Apparently, someone else on my research group played with the current column at higher temperatures and these compounds (HAMs) use to show up on a bleeding zone, which made them very difficult to integrate. Anyhow, I was thinking to get the J&W DB-CLP-1.

Taking advantage of your attention, my research group also has a GC/MS 5977B that usually nobody uses, I was thinking to switch my disinfection by-products analysis to this instrument, but since mostly all DBPs I've been working so far are early peaks (RT-1-4 min) I am not capable to delay these peaks in order to overcome solvent delay (5 min). I am aware usually researchers use purge & trap or headspace for this. I just want to know If anyone else has succeeded without using any additional additaments to the GC. This GC has a HP- 5 UI column


Regards, ILP

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